Minizip – a small zip library

I’ve recently split my zip decoder off from Octet (and Vookoo) and it has a project of its own.

It lives here:

Minizip is a tiny modern C++ library for decoding zip files and other file formats containing the Deflate compression method such as PNG.

It is going to be used for the Zegami image library project in Oxford by my student David Babera and so should get some testing.

There are two classes at present:


The decoder class takes a block of deflate encoded data and produces raw bytes. The zipfile_reader class manages a mapped zip file and enables extraction of data in parallel from Zip files.

I may move my bzip2 decoder into this project also to avoid duplication of effort. Zip files can optionally include Bzip2 compressed data.

I will also write a microscopic version of an LZMA codec if I get the time.

This is a basic example of use:

#include <minizip/decoder.hpp>
#include <minizip/zipfile_reader.hpp>

int main() {
zipfile_reader reader(if_zip, if_zip + sizeof(if_zip));

// Get a list of file names.
auto names = reader.filenames();

// Read the first file using the name as a lookup
std::vector<uint8_t> text =[0]);
std::cout.write((const char*), text.size());

// Get a list of directory entries.
auto entries = reader.dir_entries();

// Read the first file using the directory entry.
std::vector<uint8_t> text2 = reader.read_entry(entries[0]);
std::cout.write((const char*), text2.size());

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